Can a fruit grower enhance community wellbeing?

Haygrove is an international horticulture business that has been growing berries, cherries, and organics for over 20 years. Haygrove believes it is important that it supports its local communities, so the company has created community gardens to share the therapeutic benefits that horticulture can offer.

Haygrove Community Garden from Haygrove.

Community havens

The benefits of therapeutic horticulture are well proven. By teaming up with social care providers, Haygrove has created community gardens that offer a sociable yet peaceful place where members of the local community can visit for therapeutic healing. Haygrove’s aim is to develop or support 20 community garden projects by 2028. Haygrove also believes an important purpose of these gardens is to facilitate the integration of other local businesses into the community.


The Ross-on-Wye garden was founded in 2013. It now provides one-off and regular sessions to around 90 people with a range of physical and mental health challenges, and offers nearly 4,000 therapeutic hours of gardening every year. Through partnerships with GP’s, care homes, job centres, charities, and other businesses, Haygrove is helping to provide significant support to local communities.

Green fingers

Haygrove’s Ross-on-Wye garden doesn’t just provide therapeutic support. During the growing season, surplus vegetables are delivered to the food bank in Ross-on-wye. Around 400 trays of fresh vegetables have now been delivered to the Ross Food Larder. The project also hosts regular school visits throughout the summer months, educating children about biodiversity, healthy eating, and the origins of food.

This story shows how Haygrove supports Goal 3: Good Health and Well-being, specifically Target 3.4: “By 2030, reduce by one-third pre-mature mortality from non-communicable diseases (NCDs) through prevention and treatment, and promote mental health and wellbeing.

About Haygrove

Founded in 1988, Haygrove is an international business that has been growing berries, cherries, and organics for over 20 years. Besides growing fruit, Haygrove also design and sell field-scale horticultural growing systems to markets around the world.

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