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Ecopence is supporting Sustainable Development Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production


Ecopence, an emerging online marketplace for ethical and environmentally friendly products, aims to accelerate the shift in consumption habits through incentivising responsible consumption.

(Ir)responsible consumption

The economic and social progress seen across the world over the last century has been followed by a vast increase in the number of products consumed on a daily basis. In fact, if the global population reaches 9.6 billion by 2050, the equivalent of almost three planets would be needed to provide enough natural resources to sustain our current lifestyles. Ecopence is committed to creating a much-needed change in our everyday habits to reduce our impact on the planet.


Ecopence’s mission is to give customers as well as businesses an incentive to reduce waste, pollution and become more energy efficient. They aim to educate on responsible consumption and production practices and provide simple solutions that are available to businesses and consumers alike. By promoting and selling sustainable products and solutions, and then rewarding consumers for their choices, Ecopence hopes to inspire more people to contribute to building a better future.

Rewarding good behaviour

To date, Ecopence has developed a number of partnerships with eco-friendly businesses, advising them with clear actions plans and solutions to make their operations more sustainable. When customers use Ecopence’s marketplace to shop for eco-friendly products, they receive a discount as part of their loyalty program. This allows Ecopence customers to purchase discounted eco-friendly products from Ecopence, or any of their partners, and encourages them to continue to shop more sustainably.

This story shows how Ecopence supports Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production, specifically Target 12.5: “By 2030, substantially reduce waste generation through prevention, reduction, recycling and reuse.”

About Ecopence

Based in Malta, Ecopence is an emerging online marketplace for ethical and environmentally friendly products that encourage consumers to shop more sustainably.

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Can an online marketplace create a better tomorrow?
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