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Can beer improve the oceans?

Carlsberg is supporting Sustainable Development Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production


Carlsberg is constantly trying to improve their beer, so they challenged themselves to make their beer – greener. Using innovative glue technology, the Snap Pack effectively reduces plastic usage by eliminating the traditional plastic wrapping.

Plastic rings

Plastic pack rings are connected plastic rings used to hold together multi-packs of canned drinks, particularly beers. Though six-pack rings account for only a tiny fraction of all the plastic trash in the ocean, images of hapless marine animals like sea turtles with plastic six-pack rings encircling their bodies have sparked a public backlash against the common items.

One snap at a time

Using innovative glue technology, Carlsberg’s Snap Pack effectively reduces plastic usage by eliminating the traditional plastic wrapping. Cans in four, or six, or eight-can packs are held together by tiny blobs of a strong glue, which has been designed to withstand a range of temperatures including storage, transportation and then refrigeration in the home. Not only does this reduce the risk of waste, but it also reduces CO2 emissions and reliance on fossil fuel-based packaging.

Snappy savings

Carlsberg announced that the potential reduction in plastic usage globally would be over 75% compared to previous multipacks. In fact, the changes will reduce plastic waste globally by more than 1,200 tonnes a year – the equivalent of 60 million plastic bags. Cees ‘t Hart, CEO of Carlsberg Group stated: “With the Snap Pack, we’re following directly in our founder’s footsteps. The Snap Pack will significantly reduce the amount of plastic waste and provide our consumers with better, greener beer experiences.”

This story shows how Carlsberg supports Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production, specifically Target 12.5: “By 2030, substantially reduce waste generation through prevention, reduction, recycling and reuse.”

About Carlsberg

JC Jacobsen founded Carlsberg in 1847, starting the story of one of the largest brewers in the world. As part of the Carlsberg Group, Carlsberg UK has long been brewing and selling some of Britain’s favourite beers. Today, their 30 brands of cider and beer include Carlsberg, Carlsberg Export, Poretti, Grimbergen and Tuborg.

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Can beer improve the oceans?
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