Can communications coaching help people into employment?

Debate Mate is a global social business that offers communications training to individuals at every stage of their career – from the classroom to the boardroom. With bespoke programmes, debating festivals, and coaching, Debate Mate contributes towards substantially increasing the number of youth and adults who have relevant skills for employment, decent jobs and entrepreneurship.

Communications matter

Clear and concise communication is a critical 21st-century skill, whether used to influence others, deliver authentic messages or create impact. People need to be able to communicate effectively to succeed personally, as well as professionally. Debate Mate also teaches complementary skills, such as critical and creative thinking. It builds a strong skill-set and “emotional capacity” in participants, enabling them to perform better in the workplace owed to improved self-confidence, character and resilience.

Leading social change

Debate Mate brings its expertise to the classroom to help youngsters from disadvantaged backgrounds learn communication, teamwork and leadership skills. In a bid to increase social mobility, work in the classroom helps create exceptional young leaders from high poverty areas. Additional money raised is invested in its charity programme, Debate Mate Schools, to amplify its impact.

Engaging topics and lively debate

Debate Mate Schools host debating festivals and weekends, where students complete in tutorials, activities and practice debates. Vitally, students are exposed to new and interesting topics that increase their cultural awareness and knowledge of the world. There is a debating competition, where participants have the opportunity to progress to the grand final debate and awards ceremony. The debates test knowledge and skills, build confidence and sense of achievement.

This story shows how Debate Mate supports Goal 4: Quality Education, specifically Target 4.4: “By 2030, substantially increase the number of youth and adults who have relevant skills, including technical and vocational skills, for employment, decent jobs and entrepreneurship.”

About Debate Mate

Offering corporate communication training, engagement events and international education programmes, Debate Mate is a global social business that teaches communication and leadership from the classroom to the boardroom.

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