Can small companies be powered by clean energy?

Apple is facilitating access to clean energy by joining nine other investors to jointly support climate change solutions in China. They will jointly invest nearly $300 million over the next four years into the China Clean Energy Fund, which in turn aims to develop clean energy projects.

China’s Air Pollution Crisis

China is suffering from an air pollution crisis. It has been estimated that the high levels of air pollution in China’s cities have resulted in 350,000-400,000 premature deaths. Moreover, hazardous levels of air pollution have become a daily phenomenon in the lives of the Chinese people.

Trouble Accessing the Market

Apple, however, is facilitating the use and access to clean energy. Along with nine other suppliers, they are investing $300 million into the China Clean Energy Fund. The Fund seeks to address the issues that smaller companies face when trying to access the clean energy market; the funds will, therefore, provide them with greater purchasing power which in return will enable them to access the market more easily.

Invest in the Best

By encouraging their suppliers to invest in renewable energy that could power close to 1 million homes in the country, Apple is making the clean energy market more accessible, the hope is, should the Fund be successful, that will serve as a model that may be replicated in other markets.

This story shows how Apple supports Goal 7: Affordable and Clean Energy, specifically Target 7.4: “By 2030, enhance international cooperation to facilitate access to clean energy research and technology, including renewable energy, energy efficiency and advanced and cleaner fossil-fuel technology, and promote investment in energy infrastructure and clean energy technology.”

About Apple

Founded in 1976, Apple is an American multinational technology company, that designs, develops, and sells consumer electronics, computer software, and online services. They have over 123,000 employees, 500 retail stores and in 2018, Apple became the world’s first trillion-dollar company.

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