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Interact is supporting Sustainable Development Goal 13: Climate Action


Interact is a company with climate action at its core. Aiming to reduce energy, costs and carbon within data centres, their innovative software is changing the tech industry.

A little figure, a lot of damage

With internet usage surging, we’ve created more data than ever before, and data centres keep our world connected. They are all-powerful hubs of computers, storage, networks and servers that enable everyday processing. But with this great power comes an even greater responsibility. Data centres are estimated to produce 3% of global total carbon emissions by 2040, which is more than the aviation sector! With regular catastrophic global climate events occurring – society is literally drowning in data.

Changing the agenda

Interact’s mission is to change the data centre industry, bringing climate action to the forefront. By championing energy efficiency through their advocacy work, and providing scientific solutions with their software, Interact are transforming the power guzzling platforms to have less environmental impact. 

From scopes to hopes

For impact to be managed, it has to be measured. The Interact machine-learning tool cleverly calculates the energy efficiency and carbon usage of servers within the data centre and makes precise recommendations for cost, energy and carbon improvement. Solutions include replacing out-of-date tech with refurbished hardware, to support the circular economy. The revolutionary software is finally providing the longed for answers of an energy intensive and carbon polluting industry.

A million pounds

Innovative and effective, this platform could stop each data centre from using at least 8.3 MWh energy – enough energy to power 2,850 UK homes for a year. It pioneers the important transition to sustainable data centres, saving over a million pounds and considerable carbon emissions. 

This case study shows how Interact supports Goal 13: Climate Action, specifically Target 13.3: “Build knowledge and capacity to meet climate change.”

About Interact

Interact is a Sustainable IT company based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. It uses proven analytic software to help companies in the data centre and enterprise industries reduce energy costs and scope 2 and scope 3 carbon emissions. 

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Can software make servers sustainable?
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