Can tea save trees and contribute to life on land?

Yorkshire family business, Bettys & Taylors is continuing its ambitious conservation mission, “Trees for Life”, aiming to plant almost 1 million trees in tea producing areas of Mount Kenya. Over the next ten years, it will help small groups of farmers support reforestation.

Reliant upon the land

As much of its business comes from agriculture, Bettys & Taylors is reliant upon the land. The quality of its product is dependent on the health of the environment as well as the communities it works closely with. With the help of its customers, it has already planted over 3 million trees and protected an area of the Amazonian rainforest larger than the Yorkshire Dales. These projects reduce soil erosion and flooding, improve water conservation and combat climate change through carbon storage.

Good for communities

Beyond environmental benefits, small tree planting clusters help farmers develop technical and agricultural skills, providing sources of food and additional income. Farmers receive payment for each tree planted, as well as future revenues as the trees grow. Work in schools helps promote the importance of conversation to younger generations.

Carbon credits

As the planted trees sequester carbon, Bettys & Taylors predict that the Mount Kenya project alone will offset almost 35% of its carbon footprint. The carbon credits purchased by Bettys & Taylors provide additional revenue to farmers, improving their livelihoods.

This story shows how Bettys & Taylors Group supports Goal 15: Life on Land, specifically Target 15.2: “By 2020, promote the implementation of sustainable management of all types of forests, halt deforestation, restore degraded forests and substantially increase afforestation and reforestation globally.”

About Bettys & Taylors Group

Bettys & Taylors is a unique Yorkshire family business with a real passion for making life’s everyday treats even better. Bettys & Taylors bake handmade bread, create beautiful cakes, blend proper tea, roast delicious coffee, and deliver outstanding customer service.

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