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March 30, 2023
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April 18, 2023

Can waste save the world?

EnvoPAP is supporting Sustainable Development Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production.


EnvoPAP is revolutionising the paper industry by using reclaimed agricultural waste to create a variety of printing products.

EnvoPAP: What do we do? from EnvoPAP

Waste not, want not

Most paper, as we know it, is made from 100% virgin wood fibres, only retrieved via deforestation. Globally, paper is responsible for 40% of deforestation. EnvoPAP prides themselves on producing the same resource, without the environmental cost.

EnvoPAP makes paper and packaging from waste materials. Initially, its products were made from 80% sugarcane agro-waste; which would otherwise be burned or dumped by farmers after the harvest. By using innovative green technologies, the production has expanded to include other agro-waste materials, like wheatgrass, rice straw and sarkanda.

Now made of 80% agricultural waste and 20% recycled fibres, EnvoPAP produces a paper like no other; challenging conventional, unsustainable paper production, and other types of recycled paper.

One tree at a time

EnvoPAP works hard to reduce the need for deforestation, by removing the demand for wood in the paper-making process. So far, this philosophy has stopped the deforestation of 65,000 trees; which is the size of 93 football fields. Plus, it’s saved nearly 2,500 metric tonnes of CO2 - the rough equivalent of 511 passenger cars!

EnvoPAP works across all areas of their supply chain in order to maximise sustainability, and is constantly searching for new ways to boost this further. So far, EnvoPAP’s products have already been successful in helping big businesses, like L'oreal, to cut their carbon footprint by up to 38%.

Founder, Kaushal Shah’s desire to develop sustainable alternatives for the global need of paper and packaging has paid off, but doesn’t stop there: EnvoPAP aims to save over 10 million trees by 2030!

Thinking green

Contrary to the usual take-make-dispose way that products are used and created, EnvoPAP believes in the circular principle of creating wealth from waste. As part of their aim to challenge disposable products, EnvoPAP has joined the Sustainable Technologies Business Acceleration Hub.

This partnership is researching how to create biodegradable food packaging and personal care products in order to expand EnvoPAP’s range of sustainable products. Through research, education and empowerment, EnvoPAP is spreading the word about environmentally-friendly alternatives.

This case study shows how EnvoPAP supports Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production, specifically Target 12.2: “Sustainable management and efficient use of natural resources.”

About EnvoPAP

EnvoPAP makes recognised, innovative, sustainable packaging and paper that’s kind to the planet. Founded in 2015, EnvoPAP have also pledged to provide over 1000 jobs and donate profits towards sustainable development by 2030.

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Can waste save the world?
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