Educate your suppliers

Individually we can do good. In partnership, we can do great.

Supporting the Sustainable Development Goals means your business makes a difference. Educate your supply chain about the goals, and the difference you make is much greater. 

Why involve your suppliers?

Getting your suppliers involved can make a big difference to you and them. Together, you can meet more goals and raise more awareness.

Be confident that your suppliers share your values with the supplier education upgrade.


Supplier education with Support the Goals

Are you ready to engage your suppliers in sustainability but don't know how? Do you want to avoid complex questionnaires and contacting suppliers? Understanding the sustainability of your supply chain is easy. All we need is a list of your suppliers. And, we’ll do the rest.

With the upgrade, you'll partner with Support the Goals to educate your suppliers about the Sustainable Development Goals.

Use the email template to contact your suppliers and upload a spreadsheet with supplier information.
Researchers from leading universities analyse your suppliers’ support for the goals. Each supplier gets an SDG Rating.
View the results on your interactive dashboard and map. Filter suppliers by SDG, industry and even geography.
You encourage at least 10% of your suppliers to join Support the Goals. They gain access to a growing library of SDG resources, plus roadmap guidance.

Plus, you'll gain an extra star to improve your Business SDG Rating