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How are Death and Life on Land connected through our woods?

The Woodland Burial Company is supporting Sustainable Development Goal 15: Life on Land


The Woodland Burial Company provides a service to respect the living and the dead. The company ethos is to lay a person to rest in a way that allows families to remember their lives, whilst also protecting a thriving ecosystem in British woodland. This is an example of ethical, sustainable practice.

Preserving forests after our passing

By incorporating Return to Nature (RTN) Soil into their practice, The Woodland Burial Company removes harmful effects arising from funerals. Above all, these are the side effects of ash burial into a soil ecosystem which create toxic sodium levels and increase pH.

Soil is a really important platform that allows forests and other life to take root in unique ways. As a side effect of all burials, soil destruction affects the growth of plants and other life. This consequently impacts wildlife habitats and animal species. Through their products, The Woodland Burial Company reduces the destruction of soil; one of Earth’s most precious resources.

Life on Land is supported by those below

The Woodland Burial Company vows to protect Granville’s Wood for 199 years. This promise is uniquely combined with families’ wishes to bury their dead without compromising natural areas. In order to return Granville’s Wood to its natural state, management and removal of non-native species are key. This allows native species to flourish, and the forest to be ecologically restored. For this, rhododendrons are removed, but not wasted. For instance, the Woodland Burial Company creates ‘super highways’ for wildlife with this foliage, to encourage growth and practice sustainability.

This story shows how The Woodland Burial Company supports Goal 15 – Life on Land, specifically Target 15.8: “By 2020, introduce measures to prevent the introduction and significantly reduce the impact of alien species on land and water ecosystems and control or eradicate the priority species.”

Offsetting emissions

Planting trees to create forests is one of the most popular methods to counter climate change. The reason for this is effectiveness. Woodland soil and woodland biomass tend to store more carbon than simple grassland. Additionally, tree planting and preserving forests protects settlements on floodplains from the consequences of flooding.

The Woodland Burial Company supports afforestation by offering a tree planting service in memory of a loved one. They also partner with the Woodland Burial Trust to ensure that their forests will not be built on in the future.

About the company

The Woodland Burial Company provides families with a private and natural area to lay their beloved relatives to rest. Providing a green, protected setting that aims for privacy and respect whilst restoring British forests. They are committed to protecting Granville’s Wood for a minimum of 199 years, leaving a legacy for generations to come.

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How are Death and Life on Land connected through our woods?
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