How are landfills generating affordable and clean energy?

In 2016, 3i committed to improving the availability of clean energy by advising 3i Infrastructure plc (3iN), an investment company, to invest in Infinis. Infinis is the largest generator of its kind; it generates electricity from landfill gases (LFG). In 2018, 3iN also funded Infinis’ acquisition of Alkane Energy an independent power generator that uses Coal Mine Methane (CMM) furthering support for clean energy.

Rising Temperatures

Methane is a greenhouse gas that materially contributes to global warming by absorbing the suns heat and consequently warming the atmosphere. Statistics from 2013, provided by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change show that around 25% of manmade global warming we experience today is caused by methane emissions.

Power Generation

Infinis provides an efficient and secure way to generate power whilst at the same time abating the impact of methane gases and the subsequent environmental footprint. It does so in a way that allows for our landfills to become of significant use when it comes to generating electricity thus diminishing such negative externalities that are associated with them.


The work that is being undertaken by Infinis means that the LFG, created from the breakdown of biodegradable waste deposited into landfill sites, can be used to generate energy. However, Infinis go one step further, rather than just extracting the LFG (which comprise 57% methane), they remove the moisture from the gas and burn it down. The process of combustion allows for Infinis to dispose of the methane gases whilst at the same time generating electricity.

This story shows how 3i, in supporting the investment of Infinis, supports Goal 7: Affordable and Clean Energy, specifically Target 7.1: “By 2030, ensure universal access to affordable, reliable and modern energy services.”

About 3i

Founded in 1945, 3i is an international investor and manager that deals with private equity and infrastructure. They pride themselves on their investment expertise, international presence and strong capital position.

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