How can a company’s employees take climate action?

By creating a workplace that encourages innovation, rewards results and embodies its values, Campbell Soup is engaging its employees with sustainability. By integrating sustainability into performance management, Campbell’s is able to improve education, raise awareness and its organisational capacity to act on climate change.


Campbell’s is one of the most sustainable companies with key initiatives that reduce water consumption, cut carbon emissions and invest in solar power. Its sustainability strategy is designed to embody values it believes are congruent with the values held by its people. It believes that talented individuals weigh up the culture of the company and whether or not they can bring their values to work and make a difference. People turn up to work excited and passionate about what they and the company collectively stand for.

Employee involvement

Campbell’s ambitious plan to achieve 100% employee engagement in sustainability is supported by making it a part of everybody’s day job. By addressing sustainability at the behavioural level and in regular performance reviews, sustainability is integrated into daily work. Employee inductions train people in sustainability values from the start. Volunteering is an important part of everybody’s job and extraordinary performance awards celebrate employee achievements throughout the year.

Executive involvement

Campbell knows that raising organisational capacity to act on sustainability comes to the top. Sustainability metrics have been added into Campbell’s executive compensation, targeting ethical compliance, safety performance, reduction in energy use, greenhouse gas emissions, waste/recycling and water use. This keeps all employees on the same page.

This story shows how Campbell Soup supports Goal 13: Climate Action, specifically Target 13.3: “Improve education, awareness-raising and human and institutional capacity on climate change mitigation, adaptation, impact reduction and early warning.”

About Campbell Soup

Campbell is driven and inspired by its purpose – real food that matters for life’s moments. With annual sales of more than $8 billion, the company makes a range of high-quality soups and simple meals, beverages, snacks and packaged fresh foods.

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