How can aloe vera support Maasai women?

Lush creates products that are handmade with ingredients from around the world including aloe sourced from Maasai women in Kenya. This helps to improve their financial situation and challenge harmful practices such as female genital mutilation (FGM).

Source To Skin | Charity Pot from Lush.

Equality for girls

In 2016, UNICEF estimated that more than 200 million women living today, have undergone procedures associated with female genital mutilation. In Kenya, Rosemary Nenini is the coordinator of the Twala Women’s Group. She is dedicated to preserving aspects of Maasai culture such as beadwork, knowledge about medicinal plants, and the community’s lifestyle. Simultaneously, she is working to eradicate damaging aspects of the culture – namely FGM, early marriage, and a lack of education for girls.

The answer is permaculture

In Laikipian, the Maasai are traditionally pastoralists, but land degradation has forced people to adapt in order to make a living. In light of such harsh conditions, Maasai women support themselves financially by growing aloe. The growth of aloe secundiflora, the perfect plant to cope with the tough conditions of the region, empowers the women to fight for their rights and independence.

Source to skin

Charity Pot is a hand and body lotion with a difference; 100% of the proceeds (minus sales tax, which goes to the government) are donated to independent, grassroots charities that support human rights, animal welfare, and environmental protection. Inside each pot you’ll find materials from SLush (sustainable Lush), which funds projects across the globe, such as aloe from the Maasai women at the Laikipia Permaculture Centre in Kenya.

This story shows how Lush supports Goal 5: Gender Equality, specifically Target 5.3: “eliminate all harmful practices, such as child, early and forced marriage and female genital mutilations.”

About Lush

Lush is a global, beauty retailer headquartered in Poole, UK. The company sells handmade cosmetics for bath, body, hair, and skin care. Lush products are 100% vegetarian, 80% are vegan, and they are never tested on animals. The products are handmade with ingredients from around the world. These include fresh produce purchased from local farms to shea butter sourced from women’s cooperatives in Ghana.

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