How can cameras craft creators in emerging economies?

Since 2014, Canon, a manufacturer of imaging and optical products, has been helping local people in emerging markets enter careers in photography and printing. Through “Project Miraisha” they have facilitated workshops in Kenya that provide a one-on-one learning experience that seeks to inspire students and aid them on their photography journey.

A Nation in Desperation

In 2018, a study conducted by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics revealed that seven million Kenyans are unemployed, and out of these over 1.4 million have been desperately looking for work. What is failing them is a lack of valuable education and the lack of job opportunities available to them.

Growing Together

Canon setup Project Miraisha in 2014. The programme is based on free workshops that are available to the local people of Kenya – they are headed by world-renowned photojournalists and experts in the field. It offers a hierarchical training experience, that focuses on teaching and mentoring students so, once they have finished, they can go on and make careers out of their ability to tell stories through their cameras.

Future Livelihood

So far, training has been delivered to over 3000 workshop participants; with the increase in printing demand over the last decade Canon, through their workshops, are ensuring that people working in these emerging economies can compete in these industries – meaning they have the opportunity to exploit their skills to make a living.

This story shows how Canon supports Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth, specifically Target 8.5: “By 2030, achieve full and productive employment for all women and men, including for young people and persons with disabilities, and equal pay for work of equal value.”

About Canon

Canon, a Japanese multinational corporation specialising in the manufacture of imaging and optical products, was founded in 1937 by a small group of enthusiastic scientists with the hope of redefining camera technology. They now find themselves to be a world-leading innovator and provider of imaging and information technology solutions.

Learn more about Canon and Project Miraisha.

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