How can children learn about global trade?

From a local port operator in 1972, DP World has expanded exponentially to become a leading enabler of global trade. DP World’s pioneering Global Education Programme aims to boost the skills, aspirations and confidence of young people in the communities where they operate, raising awareness about the maritime sector, trade, and logistics.

Benefits of the Global Education Programme from DP World on Vimeo.

Global goals

DP World believes that working in a sustainable and responsible way is essential to building a strong business for its customers. They are committed to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and intend to work in a sustainable and responsible way for years to come.

Global Education Programme

Launched in 2016, the Global Education Programme involves employees delivering lessons in local schools across the DP World network around the world to boost the skills, aspirations and confidence of young people by teaching them about trade, logistics and the maritime sector and related career opportunities.

From Callao, Peru to Dubai, UAE the programme is available in fourteen languages and offers a selection of modules in which individual schools can choose the modules most suited to their needs and curriculum. Designed for both primary and secondary schools, the programme links to a variety of subjects such as geography, economics and mathematics. As a result, 97.3% said the programme provided something their school couldn’t with 97.5% stating it was relevant to their wider teaching. Perhaps most importantly, 96.6% of students said they learned something new.

Uncontained ambitions

The Global Education Programme aims to reach 34,000 young people by 2020 and more than 650 volunteers have been involved to date, engaging over 17,200 students, across 18 countries.

This story shows how DP World supports Goal 4: Quality Education, specifically Target 4.4: “By 2030, substantially increase the number of youth and adults who have relevant skills, including technical and vocational skills, for employment, decent jobs and entrepreneurship.”

About DP World

From DP World’s first project, the development of Dubai’s Port Rashid, in 1972, the company has expanded significantly, propelling them on their journey to becoming a leading enabler of global trade.

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