How can ethical trade help communities?

Founded in 1907 by Samuel Smith, Ringtons is a tea manufacturing business that has, for over a century, delivered tea across Britain, through a door to door service. Ringtons are committed to ethical trade and have developed a trust to provide financial support to the communities producing its tea.

Ethical trade

Ethical trade is about having confidence that the products and services we buy have not been made at the expense of workers rights. Ethical trade involves companies taking a series of steps to identify problems and improve working conditions, with a focus on continuous improvement over time.

Building relationships

Ringtons are committed to sourcing their teas and coffees in an ethical and sustainable way. Over the years they have developed strong relationships with a core group of tea producers. They regularly visit their suppliers so they can get to know them better and try to fully understand the challenges they face.

Ethical Tea Partnership

Ringtons is an active member of the Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP) and is committed to only buy from estates and groups that are participating in the ETP Programme. This is because ETP monitors social and environmental conditions on tea estates in all major tea producing regions, helping to create a thriving tea industry that is socially just and environmentally sustainable.

Funding the future

Ringtons are proud to establish and participate in development projects with key suppliers and have recently launched a new initiative, the Tea Growing Community Charitable Trust. This fund will go towards projects in the estates and smallholder communities where they buy their tea.

This story shows how Ringtons supports Goal 1: No Poverty, specifically Target 1.5: “By 2030, build the resilience of the poor and those in vulnerable situations and reduce their exposure and vulnerability to climate-related extreme events and other economic, social and environmental shocks and disasters.”

About Ringtons

Founded in 1907, Ringtons is a tea manufacturing business that has delivered tea across Britain, through a door to door service, for over a century. Based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, they now have 35 offices across the country and sell a wide range of products, from their highest quality teas and coffees to their fantastic range of biscuits and sweet treats, and even stylish homeware pieces.

Learn more about Ringtons and Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP).

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