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How can providing training courses help boost employment for young people?

Acacia Training Limited is supporting Sustainable Development Goal 4: Quality Education


Acacia Training Limited offers fully funded courses to young people and adults across the UK to boost employability and support wellbeing.

Struggling youth

Government reports have shown that, post-pandemic, the number of young people in employment has fallen by 4%. There has also been a 32% increase in the number of young people claiming unemployment benefits. School and college graduates from economically disadvantaged areas are particularly susceptible to falling into unemployment or missing out on vital training and further education opportunities.

Making learning accessible

Acacia Training Ltd offers a range of employability training opportunities including traineeships to young people who are most at risk of falling into unemployment. Fully funded courses for 16-18 year olds across the health and wellbeing sectors including Maths, English and ICT help to build confidence and skills, whilst their support of partner organisations such as Business for Good has supported over 100 days of education for special needs children and 21,200 days of access to fun learning environments.

Benefitting all

By offering early intervention training for teens and children, projects such as the ones Acacia Training Ltd. supports, helps to encourage employability and self-confidence in kids otherwise disadvantaged by the education system. It demonstrates how close links between businesses and organisations are seen to actively promote and support health, well-being, and equality on a much more substantial level and commitments to the sustainable development goals are more often achieved and on a wider scale.

This story shows how Acacia Training Ltd. supports Goal 4: Quality Education, specifically Target 4.4 “By 2030, substantially increase the number of youths and adults who have relevant skills, including technical and vocational skills, for employment, decent jobs and entrepreneurship.”

About the company

Founded 21 years ago, the experienced training course provider believes in improving lives through quality education and empowerment. Their vision is to make education accessible to everyone by ensuring opportunities for all and encourage learners to make positive contributions to society.

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