How can software improve trust in health programmes?

Quidgest is working to rebuild people’s trust in Aid programmes by teaming up with NGOs and Development agencies to improve the efficiency, security, and reach of these programmes.

Challenges to health programmes

Several sub-Saharan African countries are facing a tough reality: worrying indicators on access to health treatments and proper medicine, especially when applied to one of the main group of concern: pregnant women and children.

To face this situation, NGOs and International Organizations are providing care packages, gathering medicine, vaccines and other goods, provided later on to those in need. However, there have been cases and reports of funds mismanagement, corruption, and misplacement of goods attached to these projects, hindering the public distrust and raising difficulties to the organizations in charge.

Simple solution

Faced with this challenge, the Instituto Marquês Valle de Flôr (IMVF), a Portuguese NGO, who is implementing a care packages programme for mothers and small children in Guinea Bissau, teamed up with Quidgest to develop a tracking system for this project. The Stock Management system developed by Quidgest tracked the Mother and Children care packages from when they were shipped out of factories in the Netherlands until they reached their beneficiaries in Guinea Bissau.

Improving Efficiency

The solution provided significant improvements to the management of resources and, consequently, enhanced an enormous gain of efficiency for the programme. Functionalities such as permanent tracking of stock enabled IMVF to effectively suppress any displacement of the care packages through immediate detection.

Currently, care packages are reaching their final destination: the 266,189 children and 344,479 women, main beneficiaries of the programme. Consequently, this improvement also contributed to the overall pursuit of SDG 3: Good Health and Well-Being, focusing on the achievement of universal health coverage.

Software as a tool for building trust

Although health indicators in Sub-Saharan African have improved in recent years, they continue to be alarming. In Guinea Bissau, for example, the lifetime risk of maternal death is 1 in 38, one of the highest in the world. Health programmes in this region are obviously as needed now as ever. When correctly managed, data shows that they bring benefits to millions of people, reducing maternal, neonatal and child mortality and ensuring better access to quality healthcare to women and children all over Africa. Therefore, it is crucial that people keep investing in, supporting and trusting these types of programmes, and, appropriately, Software is set to play a major role in rebuilding this trust, with Quidgest at the forefront of this challenge.

This story shows how Quidgest supports Goal 3: Good Health and Well-being, specifically Target 3.D: “Strengthen the capacity of all countries, in particular developing countries, for early warning, risk reduction and management of national and global health risks.”

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