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April 18, 2023
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How can we educate the youth for a sustainable future?

Interact is supporting Sustainable Development Goal 13: Climate Action.


Environmental specialists, Interact, have been teaching students about how tech emissions can be reduced, to pave the way to a more sustainable future for the industry.

Learning lessons

Harrogate based tech company, Interact, has been working hard to educate children in what they do best; reducing data emissions to make the tech industry more sustainable. Recently, Interact spent a day at the National Museum of Computing, sharing the issues of ‘how tech links to climate change’ and ‘how we can cut carbon emissions by changing our online behaviour’ with KS3 and KS4 children. These sustainability training sessions were designed to teach students how we can be more responsible with technology.

Sustainable is smart

Interact used their industry expertise to teach the children how tech ties to climate change, how to reduce energy usage through behaviour, how data is stored and about the circular IT economy. Interact also provided the opportunity for the children to tear down laptops so they can understand how devices work, culminating in an understanding of what components make up a computer and how the habits we form can make the most out of resources. These concepts were taught over five sessions designed to educate not only the students, but their teachers also.

Teach them all!

Interact’s work in education doesn’t stop there, they have also been working with students from Harrogate High School in April 2023, advancing not just their knowledge of sustainability, but also their employability skills. Interact took part in the Harrogate Climate Action community event in October 2021, in which they met with 30 sustainability-focused exhibitors at Harrogate College. Here, Interact teamed up with its sister companies, Techbuyer and Ortial, to create a tech fossil pit, to illustrate the huge amounts of e-waste our digital activities produce. 

This case study shows how Interact supports Goal 13: Climate Action, specifically Target 13.3: "Build knowledge and capacity to meet climate change."

About Interact

Interact are world-leading environmental specialists in hardware optimisation, carbon reduction and the circular economy. They use research-led analytic software to help companies in the data centre and enterprise industries reduce energy use and carbon emissions.

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How can we educate the youth for a sustainable future?
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