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…and get the recognition you deserve for the good you do.

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Raising awareness

We’re creating the world’s largest research database of business support for the goals. By 2023 we want to have encouraged more than 1,000,000 businesses to get involved. We hope you’ll be one of them by 2030. Gain recognition for your business’s support of the goals, and get expert guidance.

Support that works for everyone

Your business is probably already doing good – and in a range of ways. But when you connect the good you do with the Global Goals, customers, suppliers and investors notice.

So join us to contribute to the world’s greatest action plan – and get the recognition you deserve for the good you do:

  • We rate your business; you share the rating with customers, employees and investors. Our public listings, certificate and logo (for your business collateral) make that easy
  • Benchmark your business’ rating against peers and competitors
  • Get advice on how to improve your rating with 2x one-hour consultations with Global Goals experts
  • Share your story of support for a Global Goal
  • Raise publicity with social media shout-outs
  • Access an online community of like-minded businesses
  • Find tips and stories of support in our regular newsletter

Become a Supporter at £350

Take your support further, get your suppliers involved and get the recognition you deserve.

Involve your suppliers and create an even bigger impact – for free

More than 80% of your greenhouse gas emissions come from your supply chain.

More than 90% of the impact you make on air, land and water happens in your supply chain too.

Why involve your suppliers?

Getting your suppliers involved can make a big difference to you and them.

  • It helps you build stronger partnerships built on shared values
  • It gives you confidence in how the supply chain operates
  • It’s a powerful PR tool – for you and them
  • We give your suppliers the support and advice they need to help them improve… …which can benefit all their client relationships
  • Together, you meet more goals and raise more awareness

So to make an even greater difference in your support of the Global Goals we encourage your supply chain to get involved.

  • Researchers from leading universities research your suppliers’ support for the goals and rate their performance
  • We share our findings with you and your suppliers through an easy to use online dashboard
  • Add your own metrics to create ratings unique to your business.
  • It’s easy. All we need from you is a list of your suppliers. We’ll do the rest

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