Support the Goals is an initiative to reward businesses for supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The simple rating system is a roadmap to guide businesses on how to improve.

The Business SDG Rating

Objective and simple. Businesses are awarded a star rating based on 5 key criteria. This rating is a roadmap that directs businesses towards successful support of the SDGs. Businesses can share their rating publicly on the Business SDG Tracker.

The Business SDG Tracker

The Business SDG Tracker is the world’s largest database of business support for the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The best resource to understand how businesses contribute to achieving the goals by 2030.

Why should businesses be involved?

The UN Sustainable Development Goals are a global action plan. Every business should get behind them to achieve the goals by 2030.

“The SDGs offer the potential to unite the most powerful organizations in the world behind a single agenda to save humanity and the planet.”

Harvard Business Review

90% of citizens believe it is important that businesses sign up to the SDGs.

Plus, 90% of businesses are already supporting the Sustainable Development Goals.

Why aren’t you?

As a member, you’ll receive a Business SDG Rating of up to 5 stars. This measures current contributions to the Sustainable Development Goals and defines your next steps. 

Also, you'll have access to tools and resources to guide your business, impress customers, inspire your employees, and involve your suppliers in the world’s greatest action plan.

Best thing? It's free! 

How does it work?

Want to be a future sustainability leader?

We work with researchers from leading universities to analyse business contributions to the Sustainable Development Goals using the Business SDG Rating. Are you interested in sustainability and want to become a Certified Sustainability Researcher for free?
Our volunteer research experience program lets you make a difference and learn about the world of corporate sustainability.