Frequently Asked Questions


1How is Support the Goals different from other sustainability ratings?
Our rating is incredibly simple and objective. Better yet, there are no complex questionnaires to complete - we do all the work!

We’re not aiming to benchmark the quality or depth of your sustainability efforts - we’re simply rewarding you for sharing key steps in your journey to support the goals.

You can find out more about our rating criteria here.

2How do you carry out your research?
We work with talented researchers from leading Universities to analyse how businesses publicly communicate their support for the Global Goals.

Our team researches the businesses listed in major global stock exchange indices (e.g. FTSE100, ASX100) between every year and the supply chains of our members throughout the year. Our research is fully peer-reviewed and the results are updated annually, or more frequently if requested.


1Why should you join?
Why not? It’s free!

If you’ve only just come across the Sustainable Development Goals, they can be a little overwhelming. With 17 goals, 169 targets and 232 indicators, it’s hard to know where to start. But, you’re probably already doing good things to contribute to the goals, without even knowing!

Support the Goals rates your current performance, and provides a roadmap to help you understand how to publicly support the goals. Plus, you’ll receive access to a growing library of resources and collateral to help you build the goals into your business. With all this, your rating will improve, and you’ll be contributing more to the world’s greatest action plan than even some industry leaders!
2 Why should you get the communications upgrade?
If you’re doing good, you may as well shout about it! Plus, when it comes to the goals, only 25% of adults globally are familiar with them - so raising awareness is a key challenge that you can help with.

The communications upgrade is about promoting the goals and publicising your business. Whether you’ve just started, or been supporting the goals for a while, this upgrade will work for you. You’ll get case studies written about your work, shout outs on social media, a badge, a certificate, a dedicated page of your credentials, plus more! This upgrade is designed to help you communicate your work towards the goals - impressing employees, investors and customers.
3Why should you get the supplier education upgrade?
It’s hard for a business to be sustainable without a sustainable supply chain. 90% of your social and environmental impact comes from your supply chain. So, it's more important than ever to learn about what your suppliers are doing to make a better world.

The supplier education upgrade provides you with a dashboard and interactive map to track your suppliers’ support of the Sustainable Development Goals. Using the common language of these goals allows for easy business comparison, providing vital information when renewing contracts and deciding spend. It also provides handy supplier information, like geographies and sectors.

The best thing? There's no complicated surveys for you, or your suppliers. You send over your supplier list, and we do the hard work.
4Can you purchase both upgrades?
Yes! We recommend purchasing both the communications upgrade and supplier education upgrade to make the most significant contribution to the SDGs.
5How long do the upgrades last?
The membership upgrades last 12 months, and you will receive renewal emails at least 3 months before your membership upgrades are set to expire.


1Do I need specific experience or education?
You don’t need a specific degree to volunteer at Support the Goals. Our researchers come from various academic backgrounds, including Environmental Science, Business, Economics, Politics, and International Relations. You just need to be passionate about sustainability, hard-working, and want to make a difference.
2 Where will I be based?
Although we are based in Lancaster, UK, the Corporate Sustainability Researcher role is remote - you can conduct research wherever you are! We are seeking to expand internationally.
3How long can I volunteer for?
You can volunteer for as long as you like. To develop your research skills and understand the SDGs, we recommend at least 3 weeks of volunteering. Some of our researchers have volunteered for a few months, some over two years!
4How old do I need to be?
Most of our researchers are university students. However, you just have to be over 18 to research. It’s a great way to gain experience as you build up your CV. The research can be undertaken as part of university modules/programs that require work experience or volunteering hours.